To advance education about the practices of meditation and mindfulness with the goal of advancing health, happiness and self-healing for the general public.



Meditation has been used for centuries across all the major religious traditions as a cornerstone contemplative practice. In the twentieth and twenty first centuries many of these techniques have been adapted for secular use to help people improve their mental, emotional and physical lives. RWM Education exists to continue this tradition of making meditation available to people in a way that makes a difference in their everyday lives. We hold to no specific ideology other than to try to be of service in helping people find techniques and practices that work for them. We call this approach ‘Real World Meditation’.



In Person and Online

We offer regular in-person classes at low or no-cost to the general public. We are also available on a limited basis to make classes available to non-profit and similarly oriented organisations. Overtime we intend to develop and host virtual resources such as online courses, videos and recorded lectures or guided meditations.



Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation

In January 2023 the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) approved our application to be established as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. We operate on a non-profit basis with no one receiving any compensation of any kind. The initial trustees were Justyn Comer, Alice Thompson, Douglas Martin and Reed Alpert. There are potentially going to be a couple more trustees as soon as they get their current organisations to clear us as an outside business interest.

Justyn has been practicing meditation for over thirty years and teaching on and off since 1999. His book, Meditation for Life, was (briefly) an Amazon bestseller in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

In 2011 Alice co-founded Scotland’s leading social enterprise, Social Bite, a cafe chain famous for feeding, employing & supporting the homeless community. In 2020, with Social Bite fully established as a respected organisation employing over 100 people, Alice retrained as a purpose coach. She holds 3 Honorary Degrees for her contribution to social impact and social enterprise in Scotland. You can find more about her at

Sadly Reed died at the end of 2022. We are forever in his debt for his inspiration, encouragement, humour and example of how to be what we aspire to being.

Douglas has been practicing meditation for over thirty years including stints in monasteries in Thailand. He has been teaching for about twenty years and is the co-founder of Mindfulness on Wall Street. He brings a very ‘real world’ approach to meditation as an investment banking professional, husband and father of twin girls.





Websites – where we give details on our events in the City of Edinburgh – where we give details about our events in Haddington, East Lothian